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State Compliance

Current end-to-end track-and-traceability program
Work with a team that has the experience working with all levels of Government compliance. Don't let the burden or reporting become the limiting factor in your growth and profitability!
State Compliance

State Compliance

PEAK360™ provides accurate, scalable, and flexible real-time software technology that empowers users and optimizes warehouse productivity. Built on the foundation of the award-winning WMS solution Wireless Warehouse In A Box™, PEAK360™ awards incomparable seed to sale track and traceability specific to the cannabis industry. Managing some of the most highly-regulated and complex warehouse environments in the world, PEAK360™ offers benefits such as.

Our System Value and Benefits

Being a provider of mobile warehouse management solutions since 2002, PEAK360™’s easy to use turnkey application ensures peak efficiency by quickly transforming first time users into functional operators. Also, PEAK360™ ensures, fast, accurate, real-time visibility into your inventory movement and organizational processes across multiple warehouses from a single point of access. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies to manage government compliance in Cannabis, Pharma, Liquor, Food & Beverage, and the Automotive Industry, PEAK360™ can work with you to meet your current requirements and weather any future challenges as your business evolves.

A Turn-Key System composed of Top Quality Hardware, Award-Winning Customer Support and an Industry Leading Warehouse Management Software.

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