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Processing & Manufacturing

Unparalleled track and traceability across your entire organization
Distinguish every action of every user, ingredient, component, and finished product across multiple warehouse locations exceeding regulatory requirements.
Processing & Manufacturing

Processing & Manufacturing

From seed to sale, PEAK360™ enables your organization to effectively track and trace inventory every step of its existence. By leveraging expertise from Cannabis, Pharma, Food & Beverage, Automotive, and the Liquor Industry, PEAK360™ is able to.

Plan and Details

Inventory history combined with user activity data provides unmatched organizational clarity. Employing PEAK360™’s high level of traceability allows for increased employee accountability and reduced inventory loss to enabling superior and more calculated decision making. Beyond providing comprehensive historical data and visibility bolstering organization awareness, the team at PEAK360™ understand regulation will evolve beyond state borders. PEAK360™ provides comprehensive visibility exceeding compliance requirements. Proactively built in anticipation of industry evolution, PEAK360™ is primed to tackle tomorrow’s challenges head-on.

A Turn-Key System composed of Top Quality Hardware, Award-Winning Customer Support and an Industry Leading Warehouse Management Software.

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