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Metrc Compliance

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Providing cannabis licensees a cloud-based software program to track, report, and manage all supply chain activities through weight and location.

Metrc CCTT.

Metrc is the current end to end track and traceability program set in place by 10+ states to record the inventory and movement in the cannabis industry. PEAK360™ strives to be the leader of efficiency through Metrc compliance and a secure way to help your team effectively navigate the changing regulatory world of cannabis. PEAK360™ and Systems Logic will help you understand Metrc and has extensive experience with all state and federal regulatory programs. As we get closure to federal legalization, Systems Logic has over a decade of experience in helping companies work with and report to the US FDA ensuring compliance.


Metrc provides cannabis licensees with a cloud-based software program to track, report, and manage all supply chain activities through weight and location while also providing state regulating agencies a way to track products and help legalized cannabis industry succeed.

Tracking of Metrc

Metrc can communicate with programs like our PEAK360™ and the state regulatory system allowing them to track all cannabis products from seed-to-sale. Metrc uses RFID tags to track all cannabis and cannabis products through unique identifier numbers that follow a seed through the cultivation process, to distribution and manufacturing and finally to customers through retail. Each transaction is tracked and inputted into the system so both the industry and state can see exactly where each product came from and all transactions involved.

Once a Company is Licensed

Each company that gets a license from their state for the cannabis industry will be given their own unique login to Metrc and the program training. Each company will assign its own “Account Manager” who will be the lead for their company and lead training and implementation of Metrc. PEAK360™ will help your company with our extensive compliance knowledge and getting your company get live as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Pros & Cons About Metrc

Metrc’s purpose is to track products through the supply chain for regulation purpose, this is what the software is built for, only reporting what the state requires. Metrc is very good at tracking plants and packages using their assigned tags between all licence holders. With the changing state of legalization, there will be continual training required from Metrc where PEAK360™ will be there to help you. We understand the time it takes to input data into Metrc and want to increase your productivity through our program. Metrc also struggles with understanding business procedures, Metrc tracks each tag individually and will not be able to give you an overview of your products or develop reports for your business.

A Turn-Key System composed of Top Quality Hardware, Award-Winning Customer Support and an Industry Leading Warehouse Management Software.

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