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PEAK360™ Software

Proven Solutions for Distributors and Manufacturers
Proven software from an organization with more than a decade of Cannabis, Pharmaceuticals, Liquor and other industries with high traceability requirements.​

Systems Logic

After almost a decade as customer in the Manufacturing & Distribution industry and living through the challenges of Y2K and software selection and challenges, founder Anthony Allwood grew Systems Logic from a one man consulting company to an enterprise software solutions organization.  Working with companies all over North America, Systems Logic now brings proven solutions and an experienced team with decades of real world experience to help our clients grow with the right tools.

Boutique level service with enterprise class scalable technology

The team at Systems Logic combines boutique level service with Enterprise class technology, with a pay-it-forward business mindset.  We accomplish this through our methodologies of and unique team of logisticians, business analysts, and development professionals, extending our abilities far beyond just designing software. With the ability to assist your company in growing your business, maximizing efficiencies, and increasing profitability.  With experience in many high track and traceability sectors like cannabis, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, liquor, automotive, and more, we have the team and the tools to grow your business.

Bringing decades of real world experience, award winning customer support and technology to our clients

With 4 years of Cannabis experience and over 100 years of combined experience in verticals such as pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, liquor, and automotive respectively, the team at PEAK360™ understands and is prepared for when local requirements evolve into stringent national regulation. Cannabis is an exciting vertical but one that cannot be driven by feverish investment alone. Having real-world distribution experience, PEAK360™ understands that Cannabis organizations experience a lot of the same  challenges as other industries. Ensuring proper inventory accuracy, track and traceability, all the while trying to avoid errors and remain efficient can ultimately determine success or failure. These requirements will become all the more intensified as the industry and the organizations within it continue to evolve and grow.

Our Commitment

Strong relationships and trust with our customers are our priority. We aim to exceed expectations in solutions and support.

Integrity Driven

Unapologetic, upfront, and honest service. Standing by the right ideas and delivering exactly what you need.

Fueled by Passion

Your success is our passion. Watching you succeed is why we are in the business.

Cutting Edge Software

Providing the most intuitive and robust solutions available enabling short order lead time and continuous operational up-time.

What We Do

Built on the principal of taking a consultative approach to solution implementation, Systems Logic goes beyond simply selling you software followed by a few online training sessions.  We work directly with our clients to understand their business, goals, processes, and people to then deliver a solution tailored to organizational needs.

Systems Logic and the PEAK360™ team not only sell you the right tool, but we help you build the house!

Combining our decades of expertise, with an in-depth analytical mindset, and built on the award-winning WMS solution Wireless Warehouse in a Box™, PEAK360™ provides what other Cannabis solutions cannot; scalable easy to use software that matches current client requirements and exceeds the demands of tomorrow. This allows the PEAK360™ Distribution Management Solutions team to provide proven solutions derived from in-depth process analysis that is tailored to fit your needs.

PEAK360™ provides an automated solution delivering real-time visibility, accuracy and traceability to the Cannabis Industry. This is achieved through visual pick technology that guides users through every step of the process ensuring business procedures and product information are tracked accordingly. Important inventory attributes and historical data are stored both from the ingredient level through to finished products. Omnichannel integration ensures seamless data flow between internal and external software systems expediting order processing to delivery time, improving organization productivity & visibility all the while ensuring a successful customer experience. Leading technology to work with you every step of the way as you navigate the industry trail on your way to the top of the mountain.


Anthony Allwood

Founder & CEO

Who We Are

Award-winning customer service and support to keep you moving. Maintaining customer success and helping you grow by providing tools that allow clients to focus on their business without having to worry about technology. Meet our professional and experienced team!

Parsley Montana

Business Analyst

Wisteria Ravenclaw

Business Analyst

Rodney Artichoke

Business Analyst


Your Revolutionary turn-key Distribution Management Software capable of providing you with complete power and control over your warehouse.

Increases your Inventory Accuracy to
Reduce Labor and Increase Efficiency by
Real-Time Visibility of your Warehouse

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"The PEAK360 Warehouse Management Software team continues to apply their tremendous proficiency of business process improvements to the warehouse management industry."
"The PEAK360 Warehouse Management Software team continues to apply their tremendous proficiency of business process improvements to the warehouse management industry."